Rosewood Hills is nestled in the rolling country hills of
Grain Valley, Missouri and was founded in 2002.


Our subdivision continues to grow as we approach 400 families with several more phases in mind for years to come.


Within Rosewood Hills is Prairie Branch Elementary School for students kindergarten through 6th grade.


The yearly HOA dues of $180 provide a community pool, well maintained landscaped common areas, as well as HOA sponsored events


For more information contact the

Property Management Company at

816-650-6718 or


Welcome to Rosewood Hills!



Holiday Lights Contest:

 Sunday, December 17


  • On parking and storage of vehicles/trailers: no school buses, tractors, trucks over 3/4 ton, RV’s, motor homes, boats, unmounted campers, trailers, unlicensed or inoperable or partially disassembled automobiles or any other motor vehicles or trailers may be stored upon any lot.
  • No engine rebuilding or any other similar form of automotive maintenance or manufacturing or repairing, whether for hire or otherwise.
  • Above ground pools are not allowed.
  • No fencing other than wood and/or vinyl are permitted to be installed and cannot be closer to the front street than the rear lines of the residence.
  • No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind can be raised, bred or kept on any lot except for dogs, cats and other household pets not to exceed an aggregate three in number.
  • No exterior television or radio antennas may be kept or maintained on any lot with exception to dishes or disks 18 to 22 inches or smaller in diameter.
  • No tank for the storage of fuel may be maintained on any lot above or below the surface of the ground.
  • All exterior of homes are to be painted with earth tone colors.
  • Sheds are not allowed if your home is located in plats 2 or 5.










To see a complete set of bylaws and covenants, click here.